HANGRY FOR MORE? Hangry game

Hunt down fearsome and delicious monsters in this snack n’ slash RPG, Hangry Game.

Stalk your prey across barbequed woodlands, candy-coated caverns, and other vibrant lands as Hangry, a beastly mercenary with an unrelenting hunger.

Our hungry hero currently works for Goutra, the owner and chief chef of a skeevy underworld diner in an alien city where food is king. With Hangry’s bottomless stomach and Goutra’s equally bottomless greed, the two find themselves under the boot of the underworld’s most gluttonous crimelords.

It’s your job to seek out the finest cuts for Goutra and the rest of the characters frequenting his diner in order to climb the ladder of the city’s underbelly and evolve into the planet’s best hunter.

Just don’t eat the merchandise.

you are what you eat
Hangry Game


Seek out and hunt down the finest cuts the galaxy has to offer in fast paced action combat, but beware - this food fights back. Indulge in the ultimate Hangry Game experience.

Hangry Game


Did someone order a Berry Fang? Snack on a variety of delicious enemies to steal their powers, and harvest their ingredients to cook later. Every hunting ground is a unique all-you-can-eat buffet.

Hangry Game


Eat as much as possible by consuming enemies raw or cooking up hard-earned ingredients. Spending calories will upgrade your internal stats, abilities, and weaponry.

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